Cough [noun]

Definition of Cough:

expelled air with sound

Synonyms of Cough:

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Sentence/Example of Cough:

Coronaviruses like SARS and MERS tend to infect deep in the lungs, so the new coronavirus is probably spread mainly by people with symptoms, such as a cough, or during such medical procedures as being intubated.

Wearing any face covering, including bandanas or neck warmers, could at least partially block the cloud of droplets released in a cough, the experiment showed.

Two days before the ceremony the bride’s 58-year-old father, who had traveled from Spain, felt feverish and developed a runny nose and cough.

Michalak says that previous audiological research has revealed differences between sick and healthy coughs, but the human ear may not be able to distinguish them.

Indirect contact might occur when an infected person uses their hand to cover a cough or a sneeze, then touches an object.

A virus that can be spread easily — such as by a cough, handshake or touching a door handle — can spread like wildfire.

When people sick with the coronavirus sneeze, cough or touch something, they can leave infectious virus behind.

When the quantity is very small there may be no cough, the sputum reaching the larynx by action of the bronchial cilia.

It is certain that I then had a bad cough nearly always; and this I am sure was what decided the form of his parting gift to me.

They then cough it up and use this material they have so oddly prepared in making their nests.