Couples [noun]

Definition of Couples:

pair of things

Synonyms of Couples:

Opposite/Antonyms of Couples:

Sentence/Example of Couples:

Cabs containing couples rolled by, disappeared towards north and south, disappeared into the darkness.

The same fact is illustrated in the countenances of aged couples, especially in country places.

When we visited the place there were only a pair of these fortunate beings, and their number rarely exceeds three couples.

The new books wandered in a year after the rest of the world had forgotten them, and rarely in couples.

Let one receive the guests, another arrange the sets, a third introduce couples, and a fourth pair off the talkers.

The children of such couples are prettier, and appear to me to be more intelligent, than the pure race of either.

Young couples sometimes remain engaged for years before they think of taking the great step.

But no sooner had the hall cleared than men began to return, in couples, in squads, and to take their seats.

Sometimes as many as six hundred couples will walk in the bridal procession.

It is very curious to observe the appearance of these luminous couples in the evening in populous cities.