Courtier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Courtier:

A favorite of king and courtier, its use was alike common in the palace and the courtyard.

But the new Marshal cared little for the life of a courtier, much as he prized his military distinctions.

Ever since the Dutch looked upon the plant it has been more to them than king and courtier.

Abbot was nothing of a courtier, and, indeed, no very pleasant-natured man.

And now, having attained all he could desire, Wilkes sank the patriot in the courtier.

A backward glance revealed the princess and her brother engaged in a conversation with Bahadur Shah and a courtier or two.

Arts, therefore, which were neglected by the elder courtier were assiduously practised by the younger.

The term, an able courtier, implies blame rather than praise, since it too often means an able flatterer.

A citizen is to a woman who has never left her native province what a courtier is to a woman born and bred in town.

Who can decide, from the picture I have drawn, whether he is really pious, or merely a courtier?