Daisy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Daisy:

You would think the poor teacher would be driven crazy, but he seems as calm as a daisy in a June breeze.

"Daisy—papa's Daisy—your vows are made," whispered Ethel, gaining sole possession of the babe for a minute.

With such an assembly at hand the time was ripe for selling Daisy-Jewel to the highest bidder.

I lay on the grass in the cloisters, and the Daisy Chain hung from the sky, and was drawing me upwards.

Old Warrender would lean on his daisy-spud a pleased spectator of the Arcadian scene.

You stayed there for five days, with your very good friend, Daisy Hennifer, the jewelry designer.

The cab stopped outside the white stone house and Daisy got out.

But Lasseroe was out of control now and he was choking the life out of Daisy Hennifer.

He didn't seem to hear Frey, and he increased the pressure of his fingers around Daisy's windpipe.

He tried to pull Lasseroe away from Daisy Hennifer, who by now was in a very bad way.