Dandified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dandified:

"I and Disraeli put up at the same tavern last night," said a dandified snob, the other day.

John Thomas said little against his politics; he just set the crowd laughing at his ways—his dandified ways.

It's all the work of that dandified officer; he was with them in a long overcoat, but I knew him the minute I clapped eyes on him.

Nowhere else has he been so dandified, so coddled, so spoiled.

The general had spoken those words with so dandified an air that the countess could not help smiling in offering him her hand.

On the other side—at my back—sat a young gentleman—a 'superior person,' as anyone could gather from his dandified speech.

Which solemn injunction Joseph obeyed in a highly offensive manner, by strutting off in imitation of William's dandified air.

While thus engaged, a young, dandified fellow came along and surprised them.

Chet shouted to the very dandified lad, as he crossed the street toward them.

Three dandified fellows stood forth, and she unhesitatingly decided on taking one who was really the best looking.