Dazzlingly [adverb]

Definition of Dazzlingly:


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Sentence/Example of Dazzlingly:

The sunlight flashed out dazzlingly and showed Bud that the world, even this tumbled world, was good to look upon.

He then drew his sabre, whose blade glistened dazzlingly in the sunbeams, and placed himself at the head of the troop.

A dazzlingly white cravat made his anxious face look even paler than it really was.

The sky overhead was blue and clear, the snow on the ground dazzlingly white.

She was dressed from head to foot in sombre black, which made her neck and hands appear almost dazzlingly white.

The corrugated iron roofs were dazzlingly white and smooth—two or three inches of snow in every groove.

He had plenty of money again, for one thing, and he liked to find dazzlingly new ways for investing it.

Mont Blanc and the long range of snow-clad summits that flanked it rose dazzlingly bright against the blue sky.

It was so dazzlingly bright when the little girls arose that they thought it must be much later than it was.

It obviously represents King David, who, with a gilded crown upon his head, plays upon a dazzlingly gilded harp.