Decapitating [verb]

Definition of Decapitating:


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Sentence/Example of Decapitating:

One of the adults was decapitated in a single blow, the team found.

Still in a dream, I stood at the back kitchen door and watched Dilsey decapitate the plumpest fowls the poultry yard boasted.

Behold in them the double-bladed axe with which you decapitate the white old man whom you enthrone among your painted clouds!

The black and white eunuchs keeping order in the streets decapitate without mercy every man who does not remain indoors.

When Ernest or Jack discovered one on their own persons at night they left no stone unturned to capture and decapitate it.

This last is a very unpleasant idea, and helps to decapitate three unoffending primroses.

They are dexterous in the use of arms, and can most skilfully decapitate a foe at a single stroke.

I finally concluded to carry it home as it was, and then I could decapitate it, and take out the hook at my leisure.

Out of eyes that were glassy Wilbur saw him decapitate two men with a single stroke.

This part of the "Dream" was never realized, however, as the President did not decapitate any of his Cabinet officers.