Decentralized [verb]

Definition of Decentralized:

distribute over a less concentrated area

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Sentence/Example of Decentralized:

In Indiana, which is decentralized like Michigan, a juvenile justice reform task force appointed this year aims to collect and assess data from across the state.

This is not only because of crumbling international norms of journalistic access, as Walsh experienced, or shrinking foreign bureaus, but also because of the decentralizing and anti-establishment mood of the socially networked age.

If we can decentralize testing—get the sample collection away from a testing area—everyone can do it at home.

Part of this disconnect between disciplines stems from marketing teams being decentralized — they could live in business units, they could be regionally based, and now we’re all living remotely.

If the government of the society is strictly monarchial, its administration is, on the contrary, extremely decentralized.

In fact, it is the most decentralized movement in the world today.

Then let us recall how soon after that we were all assuming some share in this "decentralized administration."

To M. de Camors, in principle it was a matter of perfect indifference whether France was centralized or decentralized.

Governmental functioning ostensibly decentralized, but policy and control exercised by higher state and party organs.

Industry is too complex and too highly organized to permit a return to the old system of decentralized control.