Decisions [noun]

Definition of Decisions:

conclusion; resolution reached

Opposite/Antonyms of Decisions:

Sentence/Example of Decisions:

Common law means the decisions made by the state and federal courts.

The courts in every state must also follow the decisions of the federal courts in all matters of a national character.

Again, common law decisions are not binding on the courts that make them like statutes or legislative commands.

Her decisions depended not upon the voice of inspiration but upon the musty parchments of the past.

Her mind is guiding the surging billows of the Revolution, and influencing the decisions of the proudest thrones of Europe.

Throughout his two terms, he created precedents and made decisions of lasting value for the United States.

To Amy he paid great deference, telling the undertaker to ask what she liked and abide by her decisions.

It is not clear which of these conflicting decisions of the Central Authority was in accordance with law.

A few decisions on legal points tended rather to restrict apprenticeship.

In the end I made some very rapid decisions, but for nearly two years I was hesitating.