Deer [noun]

Definition of Deer:

hoofed animal

Synonyms of Deer:

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Sentence/Example of Deer:

You can right a flipped machine if you’ve got a tree to help you out, and move or lift a dead deer, elk, bear, or even moose with the right hardware.

I slept in the sunshine on a large tussock and woke to the sound of deer walking on the hillside.

In a herd of deer, for example, there are no shifting alliances, no outsiders coming and going from the group, and no dominance hierarchies.

They come from 23 species, including bison, red deer, cave bears and goats.

Other dogs, trained to find scat, can tell droppings from diseased deer from those of healthy deer.

They tend to hunt small prey and scavenge large game, so hybrid coyotes might be helpful in controlling the overly abundant deer population.

Within were the park and the deer, and the mansion rearing its brilliant columns amidst the redundant groves of a Spanish autumn.

Now indeed they would have a grand feast, for they could add the flesh of the deer and boa to what they had already obtained.

One of these leads past Charlecote, famous for Shakespeare's deer-stealing episode, but no longer open to the public.

He descended into the valley, startling a herd of deer that bounded into the forest which clothed the hills.