Giraffe [noun]

Definition of Giraffe:

hoofed animal

Synonyms of Giraffe:

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Sentence/Example of Giraffe:

Unless, like a giraffe, the centaur just had a really large heart — in the horse portion.

Another study looks at how giraffe hearts develop compared to those in people.

He was holding his big head high in the air, like a giraffe, and gazing proudly about him as he ran.

Jumping up, he presented at the giraffe, which was galloping off about two hundred yards ahead.

The giraffe is found in the Luanga valley; it is also met with in the extreme north-east of the country.

It was a gobbler, I tell you, that was nearly as big as a giraffe.

The giraffe, as well as the Peruvian horse, has this peculiar movement naturally.

Plato proposes to substitute some "unprocurable" beast, perhaps a giraffe or an elephant.

The tall giraffe, with his prehensile lip, raised nearly twenty feet in the air, can browse upon these trees without difficulty.

At the same time M. Mongez read a memoir on the testimony of ancient authors respecting the Giraffe.