Degenerating [verb]

Definition of Degenerating:

decay, deteriorate

Synonyms of Degenerating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Degenerating:

Sentence/Example of Degenerating:

“This is a community of full blown first class … degenerates which take pleasure in posting losses accumulating into the millions every” month, one expletive-filled post read Tuesday.

Soon Conrad Habicht, a mathematics student, joined the conversation, and the three young bohemians formed something of a book club for highbrowed degenerates.

The fathers, who sometimes made use of these figures, wrote in times and countries in which nearly all the arts were degenerating.

Far from degenerating, the Australians show advance when they supersede their beast or other totem by an eponymous human hero.

And shall we find in France a country where the general type of the race is degenerating or improving?

The idea that the English language is degenerating in America is an absolutely groundless illusion.

Dignity prevents love from degenerating into desire, and grace, from esteem turning into fear.

Existing social systems are bad copies of this type, degenerating more or less widely from its perfection.

Until lately, he has seemed quite a fellow for sport, but he is degenerating into a drone.

It seemed to me that if a man did not sweat every day, which was to say—labor hard—he very surely was degenerating physically.