Delicatessen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Delicatessen:

In four years, the rest of the family joined them, and it was arranged for the parents to run a delicatessen.

The patronage of the bakery and the delicatessen shop should also be mentioned, and the waste of money involved.

From a delicatessen store procure dill pickles and a nice Edam cheese.

After several blocks the window of a delicatessen store showed him she was more composed, and he again offered her his arm.

Well, theres just father and Lonny and France and I, and mostly father brings home things from the delicatessen.

In the distance behind him was a milk wagon, a few pedestrians, a little thinly clad girl coming out of a delicatessen store.

Which had, by the way, availed him nothing against the delicatessen offerings of the outside rival.

And here, you may visit the delicatessen shop to good purpose.

On the contrary it is a token of our virile independence, our scorn for the delicatessen of education, mere dilettanteism.

It's a delicatessen dump,' he says, 'containing cold grub all ready to be et without tools,' he says.