Restaurant [noun]

Definition of Restaurant:

business establishment serving food and drink

Opposite/Antonyms of Restaurant:


Sentence/Example of Restaurant:

He turned into a restaurant on Madison Square and ordered dinner.

Then he raced around the corner of the restaurant and made for the grove.

He knew nothing of her except her name and that she was employed as a waitress in a restaurant.

He opened the door and was about to pass out of the restaurant when she spoke to him again.

And this was strange, since the Italian restaurant is such a peculiarly British institution.

There's a girl at Montmartre at this very moment—a girl he's set up in a restaurant.

It was early in the morning when the two met again in the restaurant car.

He was a witness of your quarrel with Grushnitski in the restaurant.

Except for the thin and uncertain music the restaurant was almost silent.

They eventually settled on a restaurant and ordered their repast.