Diner [noun]

Definition of Diner:

casual restaurant with varied menu

Opposite/Antonyms of Diner:


Sentence/Example of Diner:

Zero Foodprint ended up suggesting a voluntary 1% surcharge on bills, just a few cents per diner, which can go to farmers to help them implement healthy-soil projects.

Unmasked diners seated indoors at full capacity sounds like, to be frank, a disaster in the making — which might explain why other states have not yet charged full speed ahead to reopening at full capacity.

Customers must wear masks except when they’re seated, and diners must leave contact information for tracing, Cuomo said.

Restaurateurs can no longer cram diners in for tagliatelle and grigliata mista.

We finally did find a table, at a favorite place—La Scampagnata—and marveled at the sheer number of diners.

Then said he in himself, "Most like he knoweth not its value;" so he brought out of his pocket a gold diner and gave it to him.

Mrime gives the following note: C'est l'usage en Russie de prendre de l'eau-de-vie un peu avant le diner.

Hillhouse was not a regular diner with Cooper, but he introduced there a friend who became much more regular in his attendance.

This little girl's mother is to-day a celebrated beauty—and her next-door diner was farmed out and insured.

"Yes, there is one diner who has ordered a singular meal," replied a garon, in reply to a question.