Nightclub [noun]

Definition of Nightclub:

place for evening entertainment

Synonyms of Nightclub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightclub:


Sentence/Example of Nightclub:

First they were a private party at a nightclub, then at a small restaurant.

To your knowledge, did he have any friends in this circle, the nightclub circle?

Although, the name of Ruby associates itself with a reputation of Ruby by—as a nightclub operator in Dallas, quite vividly.

There was even a nightclub in Lunar City where one highball cost the equivalent of—say—a week's pay for a secretary like Babs.

He told—somebody told about Jack Ruby—he went to his nightclub, he never did go to nightclub.

Had you frequented a nightclub in Irving or in Dallas prior to November 24, 1963?

Then after that time there was also no hint or mention of any nightclub people.

There had been no hint of any sort that he was acquainted with nightclub people?

Avis is to be assigned her mate next year, but she wants to go to Earth and become a nightclub singer.