Kitchen [noun]

Definition of Kitchen:

room for cooking food

Synonyms of Kitchen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kitchen:


Sentence/Example of Kitchen:

Kriel had all the meals delivered to the Levins’ hotel, carefully wrapped in observance of strict kashrut laws that dictate how the food should be reheated in a non-kosher kitchen.

If you’ve ever accidentally dumped way too much olive oil on your roasted fish, or sprayed your whole kitchen with a sticky store-bought aerosol oil can when trying to make pancakes, you know this to be true.

Consider investing in a kitchen scale so that you can measure by weight rather than volume for accuracy.

With stripe hues including cappuccino, chili, and cornflower, you’re bound to find a set that matches your kitchen’s design.

Every kitchen needs a stock pot, no matter your cooking skills.

Expensive genetic engineering experiments that could previously only be carried out behind the walls of big institutions can now be done on a kitchen table with ingredients bought on eBay.

So I close my eyes and try to remember every corner of her kitchen, what she grabbed to cook her food.

It’s not clear how many of the test kitchen stars would want to return to negotiations, if they were asked.

Taste of Home initially used a “team model” that broke up the studio and test kitchen staff into A and B teams, Sidner said.

Zeidan during the Zoom call also said Helem was working to create what he described as a “community kitchen” to provide people in need with hot, nutritional meals twice a week.