Demoralized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Demoralized:

China’s neighbors are not devastated and demoralized from the events of a cataclysmic war as were the countries surrounding the Soviet Union in 1946 and 1947.

And it is too true that ages of subjugation have demoralized, to a fearful extent, the Italian People.

Until then Anabel clung to her friend, and so did young Colton, who was far more demoralized than his wife.

She had found herself in a milieu that demoralized her; her mind had become like "the dyer's hand, subdued to what it worked in."

Morgan's men charged the scouting party, sending them through the village back to the main body in a very demoralized condition.

Tom, thoroughly demoralized, was already sitting in the bottom of the boat, between the general's knees.

The camp was in a very filthy condition when we arrived there, and the men greatly demoralized.

Barlow's brigade of the Eleventh was fresh; the Twelfth had fought bravely, had lost heavily, but was not demoralized.

The Cheyennes had little fear of pursuit, for they had thoroughly demoralized the Kiowas and taken away most of their ponies.

I was considerably hurt and demoralized, and didn't take a hand in the last repulse of the enemy.