Denim [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Denim:

Men mostly composed the throng that alighted––big, weather-stained fellows in rough jeans and denims.

The dark brown and blue samples are heavier and are called denims.

He stood in dirty blue denims at the top of a ladder, smearing with a soapy cloth the small panes of the barrack windows.

But we're halted by a putty-faced Swede person in blue denims, who can converse and smoke a pipe at the same time.

Officer Collin Burns got out and stared up at the motionless statue in sweat-dust stained denims.

His blue denims had been stoutly made, but weakened by many rips and patches, and he did not want to rip them on a snag.

Standing on the porch was a figure in worn but clean denims and miner's boots.

He wore brown denims, and a broad hat and looked strong and clumsy.

For the men we had purchased "gray denims" and "Kentucky jeans;" for the women, "blue denims" and common calico.