Deprecates [verb]

Definition of Deprecates:

belittle, condemn

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprecates:

Sentence/Example of Deprecates:

Assuming that the reverend gentleman was inadvertently buried alive, we deprecate this delay.

She smiled timidly, as though to deprecate her sister's vengeance.

But he is careful to deprecate all ideas of violent revolution--the process is to be accomplished by the most peaceful methods.

"Ask her to wait," the mistress said; then glanced at her visitor to deprecate the anticipated polite protest on her part.

But the friends of the leading candidates deprecate the mention of names until the candidates are presented by the chosen orator.

We deprecate such grovelling servility in the people as much as we pity the pride of the nobles.

The Venetian Senate, bewildered with fright, dispatched agents to deprecate his wrath.

Yet it was right in the people to deprecate, and desire Moses to speak to them rather than God.

That is an evil which I most anxiously deprecate, and which I shall indeed exert myself to remove.

I make this remark in part to deprecate some of the criticism which I have seen pronounced upon these Memoirs.