Deputized [verb]

Definition of Deputized:

appoint as a deputy

Synonyms of Deputized:

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Sentence/Example of Deputized:

Sometimes it was deputizing your own community, but it happened.

The Sheriff denied that he had promised to deputize the Pinkertons.

Now I deny that Congress can deputize its legislative powers.

A good manager, though, can't simply go and deputize every detail of his job.

You may safely deputize only so long as, by so doing, you leave yourself free for the more important, more profitable decisions.

Miss Pierson, I deputize you to gather up the stray sunbeams for me that memory may have a regal crown to wear when I am far away.

When the last war come, the last war deputize them boy and take 'em way up North and the gals follow, trail 'em on to New York.

He bent his eyes on Bob: “Better get Brush to deputize you to make the arrest.”

"All you got to do is to do what I deputize you to do," he said quietly.

I'll vouch that they're all good cow-hands, and if you want to deputize the whole works, why, just work your rabbit's foot.