Digits [noun]

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The products of the three digits of each number were shown in the rightmost column below, while the products of the digits in the hundreds, tens and ones places were shown in the bottom row.

Virginia came in averaging nine turnovers per game, the lowest rate in the country, but reached double digits in that category for the fourth time in five games.

Gloves are designed in the shape of hands, with spaces for each individual finger, so you can continue to perform certain everyday activities that require the use of your digits while wearing them.

Meanwhile, the products of the digits in the hundreds, tens and ones places, respectively, are shown in the bottom row.

A board accustomed to attendance in the single digits suddenly faced an audience of thousands.

The digit was one shy of 500, a round number with a satisfying significance.

Once your digits get cold, the fun seeps out of whatever you’re doing, and all you want to do is head home.

One night in the remote backcountry of southwest Montana last fall, just outside Yellowstone National Park, temperatures plummeted unexpectedly into what also felt like the single digits.

Positions like Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Strategy Officer all fell into the single digits.

Independent pollsters show Navalny not cracking single digits in his quest for the presidency, though such numbers miss the point.