Dignitaries [noun]

Definition of Dignitaries:

high ranking person

Synonyms of Dignitaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dignitaries:

Sentence/Example of Dignitaries:

Many of her high dignitaries, and even popes, were men who had risen from the humbler ranks of society.

She was young and beautiful; the great world knew her; even the highest dignitaries had been interested in her.

The stalls at the west end of the choir are wider than the others, and are used by the higher dignitaries of the cathedral.

With passionate wrath he rushed upon kings, priests, and dignitaries.

Then we reached the door and found the small room crowded with officials and dignitaries.

In this republican country all other dignitaries can be addressed as "Dear Sir."

Such is the picture of the Templars drawn by one of the leading dignitaries of the Latin kingdom.

I said to myself, there is always one way to reach men, and I will find the way to reach these dignitaries.

They made fun of earthly dignitaries, ridiculing even kings.

She, lately dead, had been our bishop's wife, and so the meeting was appropriately presided over by dignitaries of the Church.