Disbandment [noun]

Definition of Disbandment:

the spreading out of a group of people

Synonyms of Disbandment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disbandment:


Sentence/Example of Disbandment:

Ordering his men to disband, he promised to divide all their treasure equitably.

The Democracy Defense Coalition has been disbanded, though the Fight Back Table lives on.

Former Police Chief Bill Lansdowne quietly disbanded the team in the early 2000s, citing budget constraints.

Terms of peace were agreed on; and one of the stipulations between the two states was the disbandment of the Sikh force.

It fulfilled its mission, and as soon as it became evident that this was the case General Forrest ordered its disbandment.

Disbandment was the ultimate fate of the three-year regiment which had gone out under Col. Cowdin.

As the disbandment had been intended for punitive purposes merely, encouragement was held out for the companies to reorganize.

This is admirably instanced, just now, by the return and disbandment of the soldiers from South Africa.

There was nothing greater in all the world's story than the assembling of this army except its disbandment.

The colonel, slightly wounded, retired to the Loire, and left Tours before the disbandment of the army.