Disconnecting [verb]

Definition of Disconnecting:

take apart; uncouple

Synonyms of Disconnecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disconnecting:

Sentence/Example of Disconnecting:

Overall, the survey results show yet another disconnect between the financial markets and the wider economy.

Many Americans remain unemployed and feel the disconnect between the stock market’s success and the financial reality of their lives.

Many investors acknowledge the disconnect between the stock market and the broader economy, but they say the rally has been built on top of several supports.

Unfortunately, the disconnect she described appears to have grown even worse since then.

Of course, this disconnect between romantic ideals and realities may be a simple question of circumstances.

Patti Chamberlain had run up against something that Dana Suskind had come to see as an inherent disconnect when you try to scale up a research finding.

There never was a more favorable opportunity for you to disconnect yourself with the whole affair.

You disconnect a cord by (jerking it from the socket) (grasping plug and pulling it out).

If the lamp has a porcelain socket, simply disconnect the wires at the terminals, remove the old wire and connect the new one.

When the aspiration is completed, disconnect the flask and remove it from its ice packing.