Discontinuities [noun]

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Species are definitely discontinuous, and this is the only discontinuity which Nature shows us.

The idea of continuous evolution is here maintained in opposition to Comte's and Mill's philosophy of discontinuity.

In any other way, as far as I can see, there will be a discontinuity at some point on the inhabited part of the earth.

His main thesis is the absence of all essential difference and all absolute discontinuity between living and not-living matter.

But the inspection of these changes give us no right to believe that there has been any discontinuity in natural processes.

There was no harm done—no imaginary spell broken—no discontinuity of thought or sentiment.

Horrid, frowning waste and aimless discontinuity of land, harbinger of loneliness and of evil!

The discontinuity of it makes one difficulty; the substitution of paradox for incident makes another.

Megascolex has much the same range, showing also this marked and remarkable discontinuity.

The discontinuity of his style, and the strict rules which he adopted, tend to disintegrate his poems.