Discriminative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discriminative:

The Pekingese are very discriminative and frequently condescendingly refer to all other Chinese as "outside men" or "foreigners."

Compunction at incipient crime, and gratitude to find its punishment so mercifully speedy, so lenient, so discriminative?

The retentive power works up to the height of the discriminative power; it can do no more.

In him the discriminative sensory perceptions kept pace with great intellectual activities—attention and judgment.

Of him his best friend, Sydney Smith, left a short but discriminative character.

By Cerberus must be understood the discriminative part of the soul, of which a dog, by reason of its sagacity, is an emblem.

As he proceeded, they rather opposed him, as not sufficiently particular and discriminative in his zeal.

These figures show an increase of discriminative sensibility for such changes as the series advances.

A just poetical taste, and the acquisition of a nice discriminative musical ear, are equally the work of time.

When he had provided the natural means of discriminative development, he left the rest to the natural growth of his prune trees.