Disdainfully [adverb]

Definition of Disdainfully:


Synonyms of Disdainfully:

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Sentence/Example of Disdainfully:

Dazzled by the more lavish gifts, she looked listlessly and disdainfully at bodkins, three for twopence.

He took the ten-dollar bank note from his pocket, straightened out the wrinkles and looked at it disdainfully.

My father stopped, looked at me disdainfully, and contented himself with saying, "I believe you are mad."

She smiled disdainfully, and a few deep wrinkles appeared on her pallid cheeks.

Instead they obey the clucking of the mother hen, and "tweet" disdainfully at their haughty sire.

He cast an indifferent glance at her, then began again to talk in a tender tone to the fair-haired lady, who smiled disdainfully.

While he disdainfully distributed titles and ribbons among a clamouring crowd, he refused all such things for himself.

Miss Rexhill shrugged her shoulders disdainfully, and resumed her seat.

This time it was he who disdainfully sent her back to her dolls.

No one seems to care about the fate of the "servant girl," as she is so often disdainfully called.