Disinterestedly [adverb]

Definition of Disinterestedly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Disinterestedly:

Sentence/Example of Disinterestedly:

Perhaps I shall work more disinterestedly without enthusiasm.

Lucius respects my father too much for that—and too disinterestedly.

They loved and were beloved—openly, devotedly, sincerely, disinterestedly.

Amory was almost disinterestedly glad to see Dorothy; on such a day she would have been glad to see anybody.

She challenged history to adduce a case where a woman had wielded so much power so wisely and so disinterestedly.

Kind offices are, therefore more freely and disinterestedly conferred than in less abundant regions.

I glared around at the contiguous Bedouins, but they all looked disinterestedly guilty.

He wondered idly if her woman's heart would act disinterestedly in such an event and wondering, quite suddenly he knew.

It is a very pleasant reflection to me, now, to remember how disinterestedly I studied the good of my family in those early days.

The man who has been cruelly wronged describes with a glib tongue, while the uninjured auditor disinterestedly gnashes his teeth.