Dispassionately [adverb]

Definition of Dispassionately:


Opposite/Antonyms of Dispassionately:

Sentence/Example of Dispassionately:

I have dared to relate this to your Majesty because of my zeal as a loyal vassal, and as one who looks at things dispassionately.

"Oxford Street," announced the conductor dispassionately, and the trimmed lady shut her book and rose to get out.

Surveying them dispassionately, one could not help suspecting they belonged to a tribe of cannibals.

Frankle's face was a graven mask as he searched their faces dispassionately.

I thought it was the possession of this piece of news which enabled her to tell me that story so calmly and so dispassionately.

I think so because I am the only sect that knows how to employ it gently, kindly, charitably, dispassionately.

Bancroft was smoking and watching as dispassionately as if it were some mildly interesting experiment.

"It suffices," said Weng dispassionately, and picking up the knife he turned to leave the room.

John secreted them dispassionately in some pouch among the skins and blankets that wrapped him in.

Lastly, the special risks attendant on such an expedition are dispassionately weighed.