Dismantlement [noun]

Definition of Dismantlement:

malicious verbal attack

Synonyms of Dismantlement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismantlement:


Sentence/Example of Dismantlement:

Bless her heart, but Princess Diana really was and still is the ultimate distraction — naturally gifted at drawing attention, derailing dreams and dismantling the institutional narratives that surrounded her.

As I argued during the hearing, the enormous reach of social media across the globe means it is important that regulation not begin with dismantling Section 230 until a new policy is in place.

Hundreds of attempts have been made to dismantle the Electoral College, yet all of them have failed.

A newly acquired type of Pikmin in one area can be brought back to another to break down an electric fence, or lift up a line of bamboo stakes, opening a path into an area with even more secrets to dismantle.

Data is not dismantled because, in the end, his human judges cannot agree on the significance of consciousness for moral standing.

“When I look at the grassroots, I look at people who tried to dismantle the system as we know it and push for a better city and better systems, and these are people who support Bry and Jacobs,” Jones-Wright said.

Now, with the spent fuel removed, the power plant itself can be dismantled.

Sheppard served on CASAC from 2015 to 2018 and was a member of the now-dismantled particulate panel.

For longtime Braves observers, it might have even brought back memories of Atlanta dismantling Cincinnati’s lineup en route to the 1995 World Series.

Republican attempts to dismantle AB 5, which limits when companies can consider a worker an independent contractor, failed.