Dismantling [verb]

Definition of Dismantling:

take apart

Synonyms of Dismantling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismantling:

Sentence/Example of Dismantling:

Meanwhile the Vindictive was still the object of a fire that was rapidly dismantling all of her that was visible.

At last came breaking camp, the desolation of dismantling and leave-taking.

Dismantling whole cell groups, testing circuits, radiations everything.

Dismantling the almost buried shelter, digging out the toboggan and loading it took some time.

Police and soldiers visited every printing works and newspaper office, taking away founts of type and dismantling presses.

They must have gone ahead with a small train, and left these four standing, after dismantling them.

The packer was dismantling the scales as a preliminary to laying them in the last suit-case.

He mentions the uproar of the victors in the Temple; the dismantling of the walls; the exile of king and princes (verses 1-9).

Kingswell followed, and found him dismantling the couches and walls of their valuable furs.

The dismantling of its fortifications began in 1760, but fragments of the old walls remain.