Displaying [verb]

Definition of Displaying:

show for public viewing, effect

Opposite/Antonyms of Displaying:

Sentence/Example of Displaying:

If you do make it downstairs, look for a display about the 2000s at the very end.

Let artificial intelligence do it for youGoogle has been putting a lot of time, money, and developer resources into machine learning, and this technology is on full display in the Google Photos app.

Additionally, you’ll want team members from web development, legal and email operations, as well as whoever is running display and social campaigns and whoever is running the website from day to day.

An easy-to-read adjustable-brightness display gives you the time, calendar and temperature, so you’ve got all the info you need before you even take one step out of bed.

Instead of having separate displays for the instrument panel and infotainment panel, BMW has combined the two into what appears to be a single massive display that is angled toward the driver.

As she tears the masks off the display and throws them at the ground, she repeatedly shouts expletives.

A display publisher will show your display ads on the ad space of their websites.

She had helped to reassemble the display after conservative activists tore down signs that had been up since the summer.

What seems most clear from the poll is that San Diego residents are very worried about the economy, the availability of homes they can afford and the poverty on display on our streets.

Some of the top displays in the world—like the ones in high-end televisions and iPhones—use OLEDs because they’re very thin and flexible and known for their deep, pure colors.