Disputations [noun]

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Let us now turn to the other section, that over some of which there is excellent reason for disputation, over others none.

Opulence introduced the cultivation of the fine arts, with a taste for literature, and consequently for disputation.

A very long disputation followed, in which Plaise was desired to humble himself to the bishop; but this he refused.

Of the language used in the disputation we do not know; nor can we tell how the two recognized each other.

Next day I had nearly as good an audience, although it was the day for the disputation at the Sorbonne.

Our inheritances are become a prize for disputation; and disputes and litigations are become an inheritance.

Among the latter class were several learned priests, who generally came for the purpose of disputation.

At London a disputation was209 appointed betweene certaine Christians and Iewes.

Nach essen allerley Rede Disputation und Persuasion furgewendt.

In this Disputation many other things were merely skiffed over; for the Friar, after his fall, could speak nothing to a purpose.