Distempered [verb]

Definition of Distempered:

upset, anger

Synonyms of Distempered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distempered:

Sentence/Example of Distempered:

Meanwhile, in the distempered mind of Charles one mania succeeded another.

The weather had distempered even this impassive creature; and as I went on upstairs I was the less ashamed of my own discomposure.

Ludicrous extravagances; pleasing to those fond of the marvellous, and excellent matter for a distempered brain.

I live entirely upon the insects which have already formed a lodgment in the distempered tree.

I even began to think that madness ruled me at that very hour; that all I saw and heard was the coinage of a distempered brain.

The prisoner nursed his chin in his cupped hands and stared unseeingly at the distempered walls.

I struck my eyes till the light flashed from them, in hopes that my senses had been imposed upon by distempered vision.

All the wild pictures which his distempered imagination drew were equally inspired by that one obstinate conviction.

Never was blustering demagogue led by a distempered sense of self-importance into a more fatal error.

The distempered wilfulness of a bruised young woman directed her thoughts.