Distresses [noun]

Definition of Distresses:

pain, agony

Opposite/Antonyms of Distresses:

Sentence/Example of Distresses:

In the meantime the Marquis of Chandos had brought forward the distresses of the agriculturists.

But the point, the acme of my distresses, consisted in the awful uncertainty of our final fate.

"That's the thought that distresses me," retorted the doctor.

It does not possess the means of alleviating its own distresses, much less of assisting others to any considerable extent.

Many were the difficulties and distresses into which her imprudent choice brought her before the end of the month.

To them 'good' merely implies everything which is to their advantage, 'evil' that which injures or distresses them.

But my injuries being recent, and my distresses having been exceeding great, self would crowd into my letter.

They were unwilling now, in their distresses, to be without God—without hope, without faith in something or some one.

His people were doomed to find their distresses augmented instead of diminished.

They had so long brooded over their own distresses that they knew nothing of how the world was changing around them.