Diversifying [verb]

Definition of Diversifying:

spread out; branch out

Synonyms of Diversifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diversifying:

Sentence/Example of Diversifying:

We’ve done everything knowing that we had to diversify for bad times.

Also, like Google, Baidu has vigorously diversified, and provides dozens of services from maps to cloud storage – and its search engine backs up the whole ecosystem.

Among the group’s five main demands were calls for the foundation to diversify the senior leadership team and the board of trustees.

In my earlier years, I was taught to diversify my investments, always, to hedge against the risks associated with certain stocks, bonds, and funds.

These moves both strengthen and diversify our news leadership, including the creation of a new staff development role.

All this suggests that tourism-reliant, fly-to destinations will need to diversify their economies in the short term to weather a protracted drought in visits, while overlooked spots near big cities will continue to experience success.

He also credited bringing most functions of the health plan in-house rather than contracting out, diversifying to sell plans to small and large employers, and securing lower rates from two health systems during a couple of difficult years.

Much of the strategy involves striking new deals with Canada and countries in the Balkans to diversify supply.

We all must diversify our consumption—seek out new voices with varying perspectives across news, podcasts, and entertainment.

It’s forcing hard conversations about ways to diversify their income streams.