Dosages [noun]

Definition of Dosages:

portion of drug or other consumable

Synonyms of Dosages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dosages:


Sentence/Example of Dosages:

I’m partial to the kit’s how-to guide, which provides useful information like prescription dosages and tips for assessing the severity of various injuries.

The government determined last month that one way to slow the contagion, and reduce the impact on overburdened hospitals, would be to tinker with the dosage regimen.

The blend and aging for the brut nature give the wine extra depth and focus, allowing it to stand alone without added sugar in its dosage.

The variety of flu shots helps serve different populations — seniors need one with a higher dosage, for example, and people who are allergic to eggs need one produced without those triggers.

That’s still a large drug dosage that would need to be optimized for, “but we believe it’s achievable,” Janz says.

Yasmin, can I just ask you quickly, we heard a little bit about ketamine dosage and the cycle of application.

So this is sort of the wrong dosage or the wrong program is given at scale.

There are few dispensing druggists who have scales sensitive enough to weigh the dosage of the chemical.

One of the university men, Simon of Genoa, worked out the dosage of opium and indicated its uses.

A human being, given a proper dosage of the drug, lapsed into a deep coma.