Doubly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Doubly:

Hearing a teacher call your child out for not paying attention might make you feel doubly shamed — on behalf of your kid and yourself.

As a female travel writer, I’m always looking for ways to be self-sufficient, especially when I’m on the road—doubly so during the current pandemic.

This ability to engage the upper body makes an upright bike doubly space-efficient since it may eliminate the need for other types of equipment.

Students and professors are doubly exhausted, from the strain of the forced switch to online courses and from the sacrifices required to stay safe in places that managed to preserve at least a slice of in-person education.

Doing so against the headwinds of a pandemic makes doing so doubly tough.

That makes it doubly important to get your flu shot this year, and to continue practicing social distancing and mask-wearing.

At the same time, he said, countries must work doubly hard on slowing its spread.

Instantly Longcluse had used his revolver; but before he could make assurance doubly sure, his quick ear detected a step outside.

She did leap them, running from one to another in a manner confusing to herself and doubly so to Dorothy, pursuing.

There are few greater annoyances of life than an irritable woman, rendered doubly morose by the infirmities of years.