Dowdier [adjective]

Definition of Dowdier:

poorly dressed; old-fashioned

Synonyms of Dowdier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dowdier:

Sentence/Example of Dowdier:

High company; among others the Duchess of Albemarle, who is ever a plain homely dowdy.

Val felt dowdy and dull in her mourning; it was an insult to the fair summer weather to go about in such clothes.

After eating a few, I offered the rest to a dowdy elderly woman on my left who was munching dry biscuits from a paper bag.

Not a bad, dowdy little woman—the man a worse stick in the drawing-room than the pulpit, if possible.

If Clarice, on the other hand, had been asked to describe Mary, she would probably have called her a red-faced dowdy.

She wore a large, dowdy hat of black beaver, and a sort of slightly affected simple dress that made her look rather sack-like.

"Do you know, I really liked her better last year, when she was frumpy and dowdy," faltered Dopsy.

I love society, and you only care to associate with dowdy, frumpish people.

It is so awfully dowdy; it is not what a lady ought to wear.

The dowdy woman gave the porter a tip, and sent him on an errand.