Dragoons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dragoons:

She was the daughter of a peasant of Livonia, married a Swedish dragoon, who was killed on the same day in battle.

How little the light-hearted dragoon guessed what those two had endured together!

In the following year a dragoon was similarly sentenced by court-martial to be branded on the tongue.

The dragoon drew from his bosom a large letter with a red seal, and respectfully offered it to the officer.

The dragoon ascended the steps of the piazza, and had barely time to touch the outer door, when it opened to his admission.

Fear, exhaustion, and despair seized his heart, and the intended victim fell at the feet of the dragoon.

As quick as thought Birch was on his feet again, with the sword of the discomfited dragoon in his hand.

She proposed personally to bestow decorations upon officers of her dragoon regiment.

Among them was her aunt, pointing with distraction to the fiery edifice, and apparently urging the dragoon to enter it.

The peddler took the hint, and closed the door immediately, using the precaution suggested by the dragoon.