Droned [verb]

Definition of Droned:

making noise continuously

Synonyms of Droned:

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Sentence/Example of Droned:

This solar autonomous drone is due to perform and operate missions, like forest fire detection.

A sky full of the high-pitched buzzing heard in drones currently on the market would no doubt set a whole city’s teeth on edge.

In competitions, the racers or pilots wear special goggles that allow them to see what the drone “sees” as it flies over, under and around obstacles on a racecourse.

Those sperm cells came from male drone bees the queen had mated with when she was about two weeks old.

That means having tools like “spider-bots” and drones nearby and ready for anyone to use.

In April, General Atomics, a local defense contractor that was partnering with NASA, wound up re-routing the drone away from the city and into the desert.

He was reportedly under pressure to revamp the nation’s drone export policy from the companies themselves.

Fully autonomous weapons don’t exist yet, but advances in drone technology and AI make them likely.

Obama’s 2009 win came before he escalated a drone war against suspected terrorists and engineered regime change in Libya, among other military entanglements.

Some once-promising areas, like using robots to pick fruit or autonomous drones to monitor fields for drought or pests, have not panned out as quickly as expected.