Dubbed [verb]

Definition of Dubbed:

name, label something

Synonyms of Dubbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dubbed:


Sentence/Example of Dubbed:

The phenomenon led BusinessWeek to dub the mass of new traders “Generation Robinhood” in a recent cover story.

He had also predicted the existence of a lightweight, electrically neutral particle—later dubbed the neutrino—that, while yet to be found experimentally, already offered a way forward in understanding a radiative process called beta decay.

In mockery of stuffy academia, they dubbed themselves the Olympia Academy.

The supervised classrooms — which the city has dubbed CARE classrooms — are staffed with existing school support personnel or after-school-program employees.

NASA dubbed the flight Space Transportation System-1, or STS-1 for short, and it marked the first of 135 space shuttle missions.

The team found that one of the new essential genes, dubbed Nicknack, issues instructions for a protein that binds to heterochromatin, although the details remain unknown.

The mission, dubbed Ax-1, would go forward using SpaceX’s Crew Dragon vehicle to deliver private astronauts to the ISS for at least eight days.

Menominee County, dubbed a bellwether for the state, overlaps with the Menominee Reservation and has an Indigenous population of nearly 90 percent.

The new chip, dubbed the M1, is similar to the processors in iPhones and iPads that Apple has designed itself for the past decade that rely on basic designs from ARM and manufacturing by Taiwan Semiconductor.

The first, dubbed the “Hand of God” goal, caused a huge controversy because it appeared that a leaping Maradona used his fist to direct the ball past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton.