Expels [verb]

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Once people are part of the service, our leadership must be ruthless in discipling and expelling those who drift in this direction.

Water vapor expelled by the wearer’s body can fit between those scales and is absorbed by the hollow interior.

Now Hogg is calling on House Republicans to strip Greene of her committee assignments and expel her from Congress.

The tech titans have already booted dozens of conservatives off social media, and if they have their way, half the House Republican conference will be expelled from Congress.

My preferred method to expel excess moisture is to return the drained vegetables to the pot over low heat and stir for a minute or two before proceeding.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to resign — and if they refused, to be expelled — for their role in sowing doubt over the presidential election results.

Parler’s failure to “effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others” led Amazon to expel the site from its cloud-hosting servers.

The Sacramento Bee reports that a group of veterans and national security experts, including elected officials like Carlsbad Councilwoman Cori Schumacher, have demanded in a letter to the Legislature that Voepel be expelled from office.

Evaporator units typically consist of a water chamber containing a wick, along with a fan that blows through the wick to expel and evaporate the water and distribute it as a mist.

The House and Senate investigated and debated whether the new Constitution allowed senators to be impeached, or only expelled.