Fiscal [adjective]

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Powell also called for more direct aid to small businesses, putting the onus on Congress to step up on fiscal policy.

The only way out, Narayan says, is a fiscal push — by creating jobs and maintaining production.

Rachel Ehlers, principal fiscal and policy analyst at the LAO, said the agency thought it’d be worth “going a little deeper into the reasons why response is necessary” in this report.

At the start of 2020, the fiscal crisis for US higher education was a fringe issue.

“It’s important to remember that this is where we are after several months of bounce back and an unprecedented amount of fiscal stimulus,” Bunker said.

“Cash is the only way for the city to remain objective,” said Jordan Moore, a fiscal policy analyst with the city’s Independent Budget Analyst Office, during a special City Council meeting Thursday.

To catch-up would require average GDP growth to surge to 11% over the next three fiscals, something that has never happened before.

The district’s fiscal woes started back in September 2018, when it suddenly became apparent the district had overspent by $30 million.

The audit also calls out the San Diego County Office of Education, which is charged with fiscal oversight of local school districts.

But all these fiscal operations should be, for our present purposes, separated from monetary operations.