Flyers [noun]

Definition of Flyers:

person who navigates an aircraft

Synonyms of Flyers:

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Sentence/Example of Flyers:

Prop 22 opponents say Yes on 22 should not be able to mail flyers as nonprofitThis group says it also plans to file legal claims against Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash with the California Labor Commissioner.

She says she prefers a more “old-fashioned” way of attracting business, so she and her husband made up signs that people could put in their yards and flyers that accompanied deliveries.

Most airlines aren’t canceling frequent flyer miles earned in 2019 and 2020, instead allowing them to roll over for service in 2021.

Many travelers had racked up thousands of frequent flyer and travel rewards points going to 2020 and might have had plans to use them this year.

Texts, robocalls, mailers and flyers can also push false information about where or how to vote or what’s going on at the polls.

The moths are difficult to observe in nature because they feed at twilight and are fast flyers.

He promoted Rock the Vote’s virtual event by posting a flyer that included all the event details and encouraged fans to get more information about voting.

If the strange flyer reported by the merpeople was beside it, he could not distinguish it from this distance.

Was it among those who manned the strange flyer, those the merpeople had spied upon but whom he had not yet seen?

I aint no high-flyer myse'f. I fear'd ter shake han's wid you so fur off, Brer Rabbit.'