Foothold [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foothold:

A perfect vaccine would create what is called “sterilizing” immunity, which means the virus can’t get a foothold in your body at all.

We didn’t recognize it until it already had its foothold because it was novel, and we weren’t looking for it.

Kirsten has done amazing work, helping to elevate our foothold in the transportation space and making our Mobility events some of the most successful we’ve produced.

Many of the attacks gained initial footholds by password spraying to compromise individual email accounts at targeted organizations.

Apple started making iPhones in India in 2017 to comply with local sourcing rules and to establish a bigger foothold in the market.

I pray to God this takes foothold and becomes a wave that goes across the state.

The deal would also have given GM a stronger foothold in the emerging zero-emissions vehicle market.

At least they didn’t go backward in their foothold in the state legislature, one Democrat put it.

The UWMS also got rid of thigh restraints to keep users in place in zero gravity, and instead just has footholds and handholds.

On Wednesday, Apple opened its first online store in India, marking the tech giant’s most direct bid yet to grab a foothold in a market where it has long struggled to make headway.