Forgets [verb]

Definition of Forgets:

not be able to remember

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgets:

Sentence/Example of Forgets:

Yet one can almost forget there’s a pandemic going on in many parts of the continent.

That’s enough time to read the directions repeatedly, forget the paperwork on your kitchen table three times, and still manage to deliver it on your way to the grocery store with weeks to spare.

I think people forget sometimes that most of this legislative activity has been concentrated on public and, more specifically, on police use.

After all, if we put the consumer psychology lens in place, we mustn’t forget that people are more prone to evaluate essential and non-essential goods and services for daily use right now, showing more risk-aversion than usual.

You’re talking about people—many people—who didn’t have computers, forget about laptops.

Nonetheless, one of Lynch’s online ads says he “has never forgotten where he came from,” and given his background as an ironworker-turned-lawyer and Irish Catholic, if he wins handily today that might help explain why.

It’s also easy to forget the mask and drop it if you are running hard.

If you want to forget the pandemic, check out “A Star Is Bored.”

If you religiously keep up with 2020 video advertising trends, employ shoppable and personalized experiences in your video advertising strategy and forget about wasting money on irrelevant impressions.

Don’t forget to include common misspellings of these words and phrases – it’s a common mistake that brands make when monitoring their reputation which results in missing a lot of feedback.