Forgetting [verb]

Definition of Forgetting:

not be able to remember

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgetting:

Sentence/Example of Forgetting:

Tagovailoa is making it easy to forget his mere presence is an accomplishment.

It’s easy to forget that everyone is still prey to all the normal ills of life — in addition to the coronavirus.

Congratulations if you can keep a straight face while answering, “I’m so sorry, but I’m no longer available, I just forgot to take down my profile.”

Refrigerator water filters“When you’re used to simply walking over to the fridge to fill up a glass of water, it’s easy to forget that there’s a filter in there that will need to be changed,” Berliet says.

“Valhalla” treads familiar ground, but with greater ambition and without forgetting its past.

I sometimes forget how much I love oranges until I visit my parents.

Personal spreadsheets that required expenses to be inputted manually, Mulder noticed, were usually ignored and forgotten about by clients after a few months’ time.

“If they ask us for the Ramsey number of 6, then forget about it, we launch an attack,” Axenovich said.

The end result is that you’re less able to retrieve a memory—a word, a name, an answer to a quiz—or in more colloquial terms, you forget, at least in that moment.

Caught up in watching them, I nearly forgot that there was a huge, wild park surrounding me.