Geography [noun]

Definition of Geography:

the earth's features; study of land

Synonyms of Geography:

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Sentence/Example of Geography:

Thrilling enables small mom-and-pop shops to sell online, reach new customers and geographies, and generate critical new sources of revenue, especially important during a pandemic.

For many investors, the coronavirus has effectively taken geography out of the equation when it comes to vetting new opportunities.

They care because this issue confronts all families, but they understand the burden is exacerbated by issues of race, income, or geography.

At the same time, people are spending more time communicating online, where geography is practically irrelevant.

Between March 1 and August 1, 2020, virtual schooling saw a 238% spike in searches, many of which were specific to geography, with state or school districts comprising most virtual school searches.

With the two parties now fully nationalized, deeply sorted by geography and culture, and locked in a tightly contested, zero-sum battle over “the soul of the nation” and the “American way of life,” it’s nearly impossible to break that cycle.

The Italian trip was discussed, and considerable ignorance of geography was, as is usual, manifested by all present.

At this spot, according to our works on geography, the Atlantic Ocean changes its name and assumes that of the Pacific.

In this way, though at first his efforts will be very awkward, he will soon come to know the general geography of the heavens.

The instruction ranges from history and geography to practical seamanship, with all the intermediate scientific subjects.